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Littmann™ Select Stethoscopes

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Littmann™ Select Stethoscopes
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Littmann™ Select Stethoscopes

(3M Espe)
An Affordable Stethoscope with Patented Single-Side Chestpiece and Excellent Acoustical Clarity That Offers Single-Sided Listening for Both Low or High Frequencies (Bell and Diaphragm Combined).
Its reliable and clear acoustics offer an advantage to health care professionals when listening to heart, lung and blood pressure sounds. The durable chestpiece assures long-lasting performance and is protected with a scratch-resistant, satin finish.
The single-lumen tubing makes the Littmann™ Select Stethoscope very portable and less bulky than many double tube stethoscopes.
28 inches long

Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Littmann™ Select Stethoscope BLUE
Mfg. Part #: 2298
M07-2246 $55.00
Littmann™ Select Stethoscope PURPLE
Mfg. Part #: 2294
M07-2243 $55.00
Littmann™ Select Stethoscope BURGUNDY
Mfg. Part #: 2293
M07-2242 $55.00
Littmann Select Steth. CARRIBEAN BLUE
Mfg. Part #: 2291
M07-2248 $55.00
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